Healthy Living Program

The Healthy Living Program offers tips to help mom and family develop a healthier way of life, through nutrition, fitness and life management. Join The Darcy J. Foundation in its efforts to promote our Healthy Living Program and increase awareness to the issues of obesity, bad habits and disparities in health overall.


Basic Skills| Sportsmanship | Positive Attitudes

Research shows that youth involved in organized sports and activities fare better in school, have improved social skills, are more team-oriented and lead a healthier lifestyle. The Healthy Living Program finds fun & interactive activities to fuel the creative spirit as well as the physical body.

Sports Meet Families Annual Event

Provides a safe and fun environment where families and youth can come together to get active and celebrate sports of all kinds.

Life Management

Mental Fitness

Just as physical fitness and exercise helps us to keep our body strong, mental fitness help us to maintain good mental health. DJF introduces ways keep your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape.


You Are What You Eat!

If you want your body to perform the best, you need to give your body the best fuel possible! The Healthy Living Program focuses on being healthy and teaching youth about taking care themselves, including what they eat and drink.