The Darcy J Foundation operates through our Healthy Living Program. This program consists of our 5 phase approach. We believe these 5 phases are the gateway to a healthy & productive lifestyle for families! We need moms, dads, relatives, friends, educators, businesses and organizations within the community to pull together in love to give people hope. It is our hope to give every family the resources necessary to help them fulfill their dreams.

Our 5 Phase Approach


(ages 0 to 5)

Supporting Moms, Families & the Community

Twice the Love is a constant, clothes drive and donation outlet to help parents in need, with diapers, clothes, and baby food. It also provides health & wellness education, assistance through the home buying process, and various support group platforms to build a strong community.


(ages 6 to 9)

Assisting Children in Academics & Awareness

The Road to Success aids children in academics & awareness through reading & math fluency games, resources on mental & physical health awareness, and tutoring assistance.


(ages 10 to 15)

Educating the Youth on Character, Finance & Careers

BEA is a mentorship phase created to teach the youth, aka our CEOs, about career preparation and
leadership through curriculum that helps build strong character and financial literacy.


(ages 16 to 18)

Guiding Young Adults in Decisions on Their Future

This phase is designed to counsel young adults of our program with the necessary tools to give them the best options possible for a bright future. From organizing college tours and assistance with standardized state test preparation, to exposure on numerous trades they can learn. The possibilities are endless.


(ages 19 and up)

The Significance of Giving Back

The fifth and final phase of our Healthy Living Program is the volunteer phase. While anyone is welcome to volunteer with the Darcy J Foundation, this phase is tailored for professionals and people who consider themselves successful to share their valuable time and resources with us. We preach this to all of our youth who participate in our programs, and express why it is important to give back to the community.


(Program Particpants)

Committed to Assisting Moms and Families with Their Home Buying Needs

By becoming a SuperMom in our Twice the Love Program, moms gain access to credit repair, lenders, down payment assistance and much more!